06 March 2009


TAG HEUER timer at starting point & finishing (brought to you by Dirtraction S'pore)

Sponsored by ELEMENT - JB

Tag Heuer timing system for time trial (DH, TT, Slalom ski etc)
Briefcase on the right contains the computer/printer, the left one contains the finish line IR photocell

Closer look at the IR photocell unit (See Slide). It projects an infrared beam that reflects against the reflector (in the background to the right) and back again to the other lens. Laser-accurate timing down to the last milisecond. No more disputes who got 1st or 2nd by .01 seconds.

Closer look at the computer unit that does the timing, collation of results and printing. No more frantic subtraction of numbers as riders come speeding towards the finish line, and no more confusion with overtaking, DNS or DNFs!

Starting gate unit. The wand is made of graphite so it won't break despite its long spindly length. We opted for the unit without the return spring action to avoid damage to bike/wand as it springs back. Starting marshal will have to reset it manually. Return spring version probably better suited for skiing. Now we can have the UCI feel & accuracy to our local races!